Exposed Brick Face Tiles

Veneer Cladding is a thin layer of real or artificial stone or brick applied to a building or other structure made of a material other than stone/brick. Veneer cladding is sometimes applied to concrete and steel buildings as part of their original architectural design.
Veneer cladding often refers to lightweight simulated stone/brick products with a concrete-type base. These Veneer cladding products are often fitted to lightweight substrates to reduce the material cost of construction; this would typically comprise
timber stud frame, waterproof barrier, fibre cement sheet, expanded metal mesh, mortar scratch coat.
Then, using a mortar mix, the Veneer cladding would be affixed to the wall. In the USA, a typical installation on a lightweight substrate would use ply bracing as an alternative to fibre cement sheet.

Mechanical fixing could be using shelf angles, or perhaps a product called stone/brick clip. Retrofitting stone/brick cladding (particularly to brick-built homes in terraced developments) can be regarded as inappropriate where it makes properties appear out of character with their surroundings.

Exposed Brick Wall Cladding

This is the most unusual spot in the house to Gee Cladding brick tile, but it can prove to be a wise and unconventional choice. We are providing the unrefined feel the brick accent wall imparts to this modern room.
We just showed you how brick walls inhance the beauty to different rooms. These walls look amazing on their own, but it doesn’t hurt to add a little flare to them. We show you how you can add small efforts to jazz them up.
There is nothing exciting than an exposed brick wall painted in vibrant vibgyor. See how it instantly brightens up the white interiors of this contemporary living room.
Graffiti, phtoframs and painting can add instant change to the brick walls in your room. Go big and bold and create an effect with minimum effort.
As you just saw, We promise you brick walls are capable of completely transforming your home decore. If you’re looking for a refreshing change, we suggest you to try it. You won’t be disappointed.

Exposed Brick Face Tiles

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